Hairy Men and Muscle Bears

Hairy Latin Men – Kid Chocolate & Raymond
Hairy Latin Men - Kid Chocolate & Raymond

Kid Chocolate’s a hot Cuban guy who lives in Barcelona and the first guy I contacted when I knew I’d be shooting there. A guy with coffee colored skin and a hairy chest just pushes all my buttons and he’s got a fat uncut cock which I wanted to see in action, so I asked him who he’d like to fuck and he sent me pics of Raymond, a solid latin guy who’s hairy all over, just how I like ’em. Game on. Raymond’s a flirty guy who comes across as a natural top, but he certainly knows how to take a cock and when KC slid his hard length deep inside his ass I could tell he was loving every inch. KC pounded Raymond’s furry ass on the table top until he’s damp with sweat, nicely sore and begging for a face full of cum – which is exactly what he gets.
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Sling Fucking – Aitor Crash & Jean Franko
Sling Fucking - Aitor Crash & Jean Franko

Jean Franko has been on my bucket list for a long time. He’s a masculine and hairy hunk and I’ve wanted to get him into my studio pretty much since I started Butch Dixon. I always thought Jean Franko was Italian, but it turns out that he hails from Venezuela. He’s been living in Europe since 1999 when he left Venezuela to pursue a modelling career. He did do some modelling, but also started making gay porn videos a few years back. Recently I headed to Barcelona, Spain for a filming jag. Bald muscle bear Aitor Crash was kind enough to scout models, so all I had to do when I arrived was turn on my camera. I was thrilled when Aitor Crash was able to get Jean Franko to join the filming schedule. Aitor selfishly set up a scene for himself with this hot, Venezuela man. I can’t blame him, I’d do the same. Franko and Crash are kissing passionately beside the leather sling, sucking one another’s nipples and nuzzling armpits. Franko lays his huge cock across Crash’s and jerks them together. Two big uncut cocks sliding together – what could be hotter? Aitor holds Jean’s ample foreskin open and spits inside, he slips his thumb under Franko’s foreskin and smears his spit around Franko’s sensitive cock head. Then Aitor squats and starts working over Franko’s big uncut cock with his mouth. The guys swap blowjobs and then Aitor lies back in the sling; Franko plays with Crash’s bare feet, rubbing them, massaging, them, and placing them on his chest. Franko squats and spits between Crash’s butt cheeks. Jean Franko enthusiastically rims Crash’s smooth butt hole and every few licks he slaps Crash’s shaved fuck hole with his hand. Franko slides his huge cock into Aitor’s puckered fuck hole and drills him hard. Then Aitor Crash gets out of the leather sling and repositions, lying on his stomach with his beefy legs hooked around the leather flaps connected to the chains. I never thought of using a sling like this, but it put Aitor’s big hairy ass at just the right height for Franko to fuck it some more. Franko shoots a gusher all over Aitor’s ass, then the Spanish stud turns Franko around and he shoots a big, thick load all over Franko’s ass. This is a hot one, boys, you’re going to love watching these two masculine Latin men sling fucking.
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Silver Daddy – Rocco Redi
Silver Daddy - Rocco Redi

If you’ve been around Butch Dixon for any length of time, you’ll know that I have a thing for daddies. And Rocco Redi is a hot, silver daddy. He’s ruggedly handsome, he’s beefy, and he’s hairy – just the way I like them. This grey-haired man also has a deliciously fat cock. He’s cut, he had his foreskin removed as a young guy due to some health problems, and he dearly misses that “little bit of extra something,” as he calls it. He tells a story about being in a gay bar in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was in the rough part of town and everyone warned him not to go there, but he did anyway. As he entered, the doorman greeted him and suggested he try the bar’s jelly shots. Behind the bar was the most hunky bear man. Rocco ordered a jelly shot. The bartender rang a bell and another bar man came over, the first bartender hauled out his uncut cock, held open his foreskin, and the second bar man poured the shot into his foreskin. And that’s how they do jelly shots in Johannesburg. Yum! Where’s my passport? This silver bear also loves daddy-boy scenes, or daddy-son, as he calls them. He likes his boys younger, muscular with beautiful faces, and hairy is a big plus. Oh well, I guess that puts me out the running as I’m neither young or muscular. But still, I can fantasize about getting down on my knees and servicing Rocco’s fat cock. And if he were to throw some nasty dirty talk my way, all the better. After telling a few stories about his sexual escapades, this silver daddy strips down to his jockstrap and leans against the brick wall in my livingroom and starts jerking his fat cock. And when he’s ready to cum, turn up the volume on your speakers, there’s an extra special treat for you. When Rocco dumps his load you can hear it hitting the floor, and I find that so fucking hot.
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Cum on my Face – Geoffrey Paine, Joe Gunn & Tony
Cum on my Face - Geoffrey Paine, Joe Gunn & Tony

I haven’t filmed a threesome sex scene for a while and this one is super hot. Tony is a younger guy who loves sucking dick, he likes getting his ass fucked, too. So I set him up with Geoffrey Paine, a rugged-looking man with a big meaty cock and Joe Gunn, a masculine and heavily tattooed man with long uncut cock. When the scene opens, Geoffrey is sitting behind a desk and Joe is lounging on the sofa; Tony is standing naked in the middle of the room. He’s auditioning to see if he’s good enough to appear in one of my videos. When he asks the guys what they think, Geoffrey says they need a second interview. He whips out his meaty cock and Tony bends over the desk and starts sucking it. Joe squats behind Tony, spreads his butt cheeks with his big hands, and chows down on his butt hole. Geoffrey and Joe swap places back and forth, while one is getting his dick serviced, the other rims Tony’s puckered fuck hole. Tony lies back on the desk and Joe Gunn sits on his face while Geoffrey swallows the young guy’s cock. Then Joe lies on top of Tony and fucks his face while sucking Tony’s cock. The guys kiss, suck, and rim for quite a few minutes and move into different configurations. It’s quite hot and Tony takes everything these two tattooed men have to give. They move to the center of the room, they’re all naked except for their sneakers – that’s so hot! Tony bends over and Joe fucks Tony’s ass while the cocksucker swallows Geoffrey’s cock. Then they swap. The guys drill Tony’s ass until they feel their cum loads surging up from their balls. Tony ends up down on his knees and both men are jerking their stiff cocks. “I want you to cum on my face,” Tony says. A few seconds later, Joe says, “Close your eyes,” and he lets loose the most fantastic cum shot I think I’ve ever seen. Eight or nine blasts of cum hit Tony in the face. The first stream is huge, the next is smaller but still vigorous, and it continues like this with every second pump of Joe’s cock producing a long rope of watery cum – his cock is like a garden hose. I couldn’t believe how much this tattooed stud came. Then Geoffrey starts shooting his cum load. Where Joe’s cum shot was concentrated in long streams of spunk, Geoffrey was a fountain with cum flying everywhere. Drops and streams of cum were flying vigorously and haphazardly all over the place. A lot of Geroffrey’s jizz hit Tony in the face, but a fair bit of it splattered all over Joe’s legs and stomach. When it was all over, Tony’s face was completely covered in spunk. God, I wish every suck and fuck video was this good. I’ll be dreaming of these two facial cumshots for a long time to come.
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Gay Men Fucking – Geoffrey Paine & Pedro Paliza
Gay Men Fucking - Geoffrey Paine & Pedro Paliza

On a recent filming stint in France I had the opportunity of shooting a hot video of these two gay men fucking. Geoffrey Paine has done quite of bit of gay porn before, but this tattooed man recently gave it all up to move to France to be with his lover. Pedro Paliza is a well-hung Spanish man who is currently living in France. And the chemistry between these two sexy gay men is remarkable. This scene opens with Geoffrey and Pedro kissing. Geoffrey Paine is wearing a jockstrap and knee-high, athletic socks; Pedro’s just wearing a pair of shorts. After a bit of kissing, Geoffrey releases Pedro’s fat uncut cock from his shorts and swallows it. Pedro’s a ball of energy and Geoffrey has to keep up as Pedro jumps from one thing to another. Eventually Pedro stands on the couch, holds Geoffrey’s head, and fucks his throat hard. But Geoffrey has no problem deep throating Pedro’s thick dick. Geoffrey uses lots of spit when giving head and Pedro’s meat is slicked with gobs of saliva. Pedro gives Geoffrey some head as well, which allows us a good view of Pedro’s very hairy ass; and the men also getting into some docking where Pedro wraps his foreskin around the tattooed man’s cut cock. Geoffrey jumps on Pedro and pins him to the couch in a passionate kissing session – it’s the only way Geoffrey can keep Pedro still. Pedro teases Geoffrey’s ass by sliding his thick uncut dick between Geoffrey’s butt cheeks, Pedro pushes his dick into Geoffrey’s furry ass crack. Geoffrey grabs Pedro’s fingers, slides them in his mouth, then returns to them his ass for some finger fucking. God, I love watching these two gay men going at it. Geoffrey first sits on Pedro’s huge cock, then Pedro takes over and fucks his tattooed buddy all over the couch. It all ends when Geoffrey showers Pedro’s torso with a massive load of spunk – there’s so much cum. Geoffrey lies his head on Pedro’s stomach and the well-hung Spaniard cums on Geoffrey’s beard. But it’s not over yet as Geoffrey wants to shoot a second load. Pedro fingers his fuck hole while the tattooed man shoots another load across his belly. This video is a real treat. These two gay men are really into each other and watching them fucking really got my balls tightening in my shorts. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it.
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Hairy Bodybuilders Fucking – Ted Colunga & John
Hairy Bodybuilders Fucking - Ted Colunga & John

This is a reunion video of sorts, both muscle man Ted Colunga and hairy bodybuilder John appeared on Butch Dixon during the first year that the site was operational. They didn’t appear together, but here they are in a horny suck and fuck video. John was a competitive bodybuilder and once he took a break from competing and grew in his body hair, he wanted to come back to Butch Dixon and film some more videos. Ted Colunga is a massive muscle man with a bulbous uncut cock and I always love watching this Hungarian hunk fucking ass. (You can see a preview gallery of this video called Naked Bodybuilders. This scene starts off with bodybulder Ted Colunga flexing his muscles. John admires Ted’s huge guns, licks them, smells Ted’s armpits,and rubs his hands all over Colunga’s huge muscles. Both muscle men are wearing tight shorts and they look hot together. John has heard about Ted’s massive, mushroom head cock, so he can’t wait to start feasting on it. He squats, slides Ted’s shorts down his tree-trunk thighs and then starts sucking the Hungarian’s dick. John plays with Ted’s foreskin, pulling it, stretching it, and chewing on it before he finally swallows Ted’s meaty cock. And once John gets his lips wrapped around that bulbous cock head, Ted’s dick begins to thicken and grow. After giving Ted Colunga a rim job, John gets down on all fours and Colunga starts fucking him doggy style. I love watching Colunga fuck, or rather, I love listening to him because he utters all kinds of animalistic grunts and groans. And the look on John’s face is priceless; a couple of times he looks right into the camera and the expression on his face is saying: “Fuck this is hard work!” Ted stands up and continues to squat fuck John’s ass, ocassionally pulling out and spitting on his monster meat before slamming it back inside his bodybuilder buddy. For the finale John is lying on his back and Colunga is drilling him hard. John is jerking his own cock and grunts, “Fuck me harder!” With that he spews a huge load of cum all over his hairy belly and chest. Ted pulls out, sits on John’s belly and jerks off all over the muscle man’s hairy chest. Ted squeezes his cock hard, curling his foreskin around his cock head and pushes out every drop of creamy cum.
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Tattooed Men Fucking – Harley Everett & Dawson
Tattooed Men Fucking - Harley Everett & Dawson

I’ve been wanting to film Harley Everett for Butch Dixon for a long time. And it finally happened a few weeks back. Harley is to epitome of sexiness; he’s handsome, he’s got a beautiful bald head, and he’s got a strong, masculine body. It doesn’t hurt that he’s covered in tattoos and is blessed with a big-nobbed, uncut cock. There are times when I want to drop my camera and fall to my knees, filming Harley Everett was definitely one of those times. I paired up this hunky inked leather man with Dawson Jenkins a tattooed skinhead. Harley is wearing a tight pair of leather chaps that really show off his beautiful round ass. And Dawson is bare chested and wearing a pair of jeans, suspenders, and combat boots. As soon as I start filming, Dawson drops to his knees and nurses on Harley Everett’s big-nobbed cock. These men are playing in front of a mirror, which really creates some interesting angles and views, giving us a chance to take in every inch of their hot, tattooed bodies. Harley pulls Dawson off his big cock, spits in his mouth, then leans down to kiss this horny tattooed skinhead. Then he rams Dawson’s mouth back onto his cock, holding Dawson’s head and face fucking him hard, but Dawson isn’t complaining and takes every inch of Harley’s huge cock. “You wanns eat my ass?” Everett asks. He turns around and Dawson buries his face between those awesome and big butt cheeks. These tattooed men swap blowjobs and rim ass. Then Dawson lies down on the floor. Harley mounts him and fucks his face hard, then smothers him again with that hot butt. It’s a big turn-on watching that hard ass of Harley’s pumping into Dawson’s face. Dawson hoists his legs in the air, wraps them around Harley’s midsection, and the bald leather man starts working the skinhead’s ass with his hand and a big dildo. Dawson gets down on all fours and braces himself for Harley’s anal assault. After fucking Dawson’s ass in a number of positions, Harley shoots a massive load all over the tattooed punk. Harley’s load flies through the air and some even lands in Dawson’s mouth. Then Dawson lies in front of the mirror and jerks his meat and blows his cum load all over himself. (You can see more photo previews in Mirror Sex.)
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Hairy Bear Sex – Bruno & Mike
Hairy Bear Sex - Bruno & Mike

I really enjoyed watching these two hairy gay bears going at it. I started Butch Dixon specifically because of men like Bruno and Mike — big, beefy, masculine men hot for sex. You’ve probably seen Bruno before as I featured him in a photo gallery a few weeks back called Fuck Me, Daddy. I had such fantasies about being down on my knees in front of this hairy gay daddy bear and taking care of his cock. So imagine how jealous I was when Mike did exactly that. Mike is another sexy hunk of a man. He wears a full beard, he’s hairy, and he’s tattooed. I couldn’t wait to see these two hairy bears having sex together. The two of them start tearing the clothes off one another in my bedroom and it’s not too long before Mike is sliding Bruno’s big-nobbed cock into his mouth. The guys swap blowjobs and Bruno is constantly placing Mike’s hands up around his nipples — Bruno really loves having his nipples pinced and touched. After a mouth-watering 69 cock sucking session and quite a bit of ass fingering, Bruno introduces his stiff cock to Mike’s ass. And I loved watching these two fuck. I wouldn’t be surprised if they headed for Bruno’s hotel after the video shoot and spend the night together. This wasn’t regular porn-shoot sex, these hairy bears really got off on one another, and it sure showed.
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